SAIT Ri3D “Power UP Build” 2018

Day one successes and Failures summery

After a long day one most of the brainstorming has come to an end(at least while awake) here is a summery of some of the challenges we faced and how we over came them Challenge: The first big challenge that the team faced was the fact that bumpers are included in the frame perimeter/volume this…

Build Idea updates

Ideas for bot   Shooter: No shooter. Would not be able to make enough points to justify the complexity of a high goal shooter Dumper: Building a dump truck style dumper to drop fuel into the low goal Climber: is going to be modular as it may not be a working idea for the bot…

Getting Ready

We are gearing up here at SAIT Ri3d, our local sponsors have started to drop off materials Pepsi – lots o drinks and a cooler, two separate Rona locations have brought building material, AndyMark choice is entered and shipping soon, and Monday we will confirm a potential title sponsor!!! I think I can speak for…

Team members updated

We are getting our team members updated as soon as possible check our About Us page regularly to see whos making up the FIRST Steam Works team