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Welcome to our home page for Ri1W

This is our first year participating in Ri1W the FTC version of Ri3D, in this competition we have just 1 weekend (1W) to complete a robot modeled to compete in the First Tech Challenge competition.

First Tech Challenge is geared towards grades 7 to 12 and pits 2 teams of 10 or more against each other in a friendly competition according to a theme that changes year after year.

Our involvement in Ri1W is designed to do the following:

• Provide an educational resource for FTC teams everywhere
• Demonstrate proper engineering design methodologies and manufacturing
• Demonstrate best programming practices to assist in the creation of efficient and effective programs
• Complete all of the above in a significantly shorter time frame than teams will have.
• Have FUN!!!

Immediately after the FTC Kickoff, where the requirements of the robot will be revealed in a live broadcast, our Ri1W team will start on a 2 day creative binge to build the machine using many of SAIT’s ample resources. The build will be available via the live stream above and, upon completion, a summary of lessons learned on our endeavor will be made available. Ri1W Videos

For more information about FTC please explore the resources below:

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For more information about us you can find our current team bios here