After a long day one most of the brainstorming has come to an end(at least while awake) here is a summery of some of the challenges we faced and how we over came them

Challenge: The first big challenge that the team faced was the fact that bumpers are included in the frame perimeter/volume this year as well as the fact that you are at no time allowed to exit said volume.

Solution: We stuck to the rule of KIS(Keep it simple) and decided that doing everything we imagined was not feasible in three days(Remember changing an idea does not mean you have failed it just means you have found other means of completing your task). by modifying our intake system we were able to stick to the original idea of building a low goal dump bot.

Challenge: We did not have the needed materials for proper prototyping

Solution: We found what ever we could salvage to get something rigged up just well enough to test the concept full debugging will happen tomorrow when we have the proper materials (Even if you cant fully test an idea, it never hurts to rig it up, even it duct tape and cardboard, because you might just see something that worked on the cad but wont work in real life)

Challenge: We ran out of time in the day and could not keep going through the night

Solution: sometimes it is best to step away from your problem for a few hours as you will often have an idea hit you when you least expect it and you will be rested enough to bring that idea to life the next day( Yes it is probably going to hit you at 2:30am when you are in a deep sleep but BAM you found that solution you could not find)