About us

The SAIT Ri3d build team is comprised on SAIT students & instructors along with other involved in the FIRST community.

Core Team (Working around the clock)

Daniel Barrett

Daniel Barrett's photodanb1@shaw.ca


Im a Instructor at SAIT in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program and a previous grad of Automated Systems Engineering Technologist at SAIT. My background in automation includes security, surveillance, HVAC, commercial, industrial systems as well as robotics. I've been involved with FIRST since 2012 in a variety of roles and started the SAIT Ri3D group in 2015.

Build Role: team lead, designer, programmer, builder

Nicholas McCurry

Nicholas McCurry's photonick@mcmodding.org


I am studying Information Technology program with a concentration in Networking Systems at SAIT. Before I was a student at SAIT I was the lead programmer on team 1482. I am most fluent in Java but I am always trying to learn new programing languages.

Build Role: designer, programmer, builder

Matthew Drenth

Matthew Drenth 's photo

Currently taking Mechanical Engineering Technology at SAIT. Matthew has been involved with FIRST since his grade 10 year of highschool. Eventually making his way up to team captain through grade 10 and 11. He specializes in manufacturing and design. He also feels weird writing in 3rd person.

Build Role: Builder, Designer

Jamie Fryklund

Jamie Fryklund's photo

I'm a 1st-year at SAIT, taking Mechanical Engineering Technology. I'm hoping to major in automation in my second year. I haven't done anything with FIRST other than FLL :)

Build Role: Builder, Designer

Laine Van Hardeveld

Laine Van Hardeveld's photolaine.vanhardeveld@gmail.com

I am currently attending SAIT for their MET course, with focuses set on majoring in Automation. This is my first year being involved with Ri3d and FIRST Robotics and I am super excited to expand my knowledge base!

Build Role: Designer, Builder

Build Team

Craig Maynard

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Media Team