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This is the home page for Ri3D

Or event is modeled after the FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION challenge which is an exciting, educational opportunity for high school students around the world, but why do high school students get to have all the FUN?

SAIT Ri3D (Robot in 3 days) is the answer to all those academic and industry professionals who want to:
• Get involved in an intense, exciting robotics challenge
• Enjoy the company of other adults with similar interests
• Provide an educational resource for FIRST robotics teams internationally
• Build a significant electro-mechanical device in a short time frame.

The intent of RI3D is to show “how it’s done”… how to follow proper engineering design methodologies and manufacturing / programming skills to produce a competition ready robot!

Immediately after the FRC Kickoff, where the requirements of the robot will be revealed in a live broadcast, our Ri3D team will start on a three day creative binge to build the machine using many of SAIT’s ample resources. The build will be available via the live stream above and, upon completion, a summary of lessons learned on our endeavor will be made available. Videos

We are still looking for people to make this a reality so, if you love building, programming, and fellowship with other inventors: come and join us!!

Our current team bios are available here